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Multi-Island Travel Planning -

Multi-Island Travel Planning

We make it easy for you to plan trips to multi-island destinations. Start here to begin your exciting journey!

   Romance/Wedding/Anniversary Travel Planning -

Romance/Wedding/Anniversary Travel Planning

The Caribbean is the perfect place to celebrate love and romance. Start here to plan your romantic getaway in paradise.

Adventure Travel Planning -

Adventure Travel Planning

Snorkel or scuba-dive in pristine waters, hike lush mountains or take a romantic raft ride down a lazy river. We have everything you need to sate your thirst for adventure. Start here to plan your next exciting trip.

 Group/Family Travel Planning -

Group/Family Travel Planning

We do everything from family reunions or friends seeking new adventures to company team trips. Start here to plan your group trip.

Wellness Travel Planning -

Wellness Travel Planning

Do yoga on sugary beaches, meditate in tranquil botanical gardens or pamper yourself with world-class spa treatments. The Caribbean has it all! Start here to plan your wellness trip.

Technology Planning & Implementation  -

Technology Planning & Implementation

Caribbean Travel and Tours and Breeze Travel Inc., can help you plan and implement systems to improve your travel and tour business. Contact us to learn how we can help increase your company's productivity and profits.