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COME TASTE the Culinary Treats of The Caribbean - its rum and spices

Have you ever wondered what ingredients or which combination of spices are used to create the marvelous aromas and flavors of Caribbean delights? What influences these culinary masterpieces and how can I create them myself? And let’s not even start on the history of Rum which was 1st distilled in the Eastern Caribbean. Our Culinary excursions vary according toIsland, but generally will include a hands- on- cooking class, visits to the local farmers market, rum distillery tours, boat cruises, beach picnics, dining at local restaurants,and shopping at the local markets, all reflecting the culinary delights of each island. Here are a few ideas: **Antigua** Visit Antigua and discover its unique Culinary repertoire through a deep-sea fishing cruise, cooking class, farmers market tour, tropical mixology class, spa treatments and local island excursions. The Island of Antigua has culinary influences from the Spanish, French and the English. You will enjoy dishes such as the Pepper Pot, Curried Conch, Seasoned Rice, Snapper in Banana leaves, and our famous Antigua Black Pineapple pie. Antigua is famous for its world renowned English Harbor five-year rum which received a gold medal award in the 2005 World Spirit competition held in San Francisco. Ranking it as one of the best tasting Rum in the world. **Barbados** Barbados is also famous for its flying fish( hirundicty affins) a glistering silver like fish that glides out of the sea swells with outstretched wings, in the awaiting nets of the local fishermen. Flying fish is prepared in various ways from flying fish pate, to fried flying fish served with bajan cou cou a cornmeal and okra mixture a native staple of Barbados and some of the other Islands **Dominica** Due to Dominica’s rich volcanic soil it is an island that is covered with natural edible foods, from mangoes in various shapes and sizes, bananas, plantain, breadfruit, citrus fruits, avocados and coconuts. The forests and rivers still provide wild meats, river fish, and crustaceans, that are no longer found on more of the developed islands.These all come together to create the island local cuisine with dishes, such as Dominican Frog leg’s, Stuffed crab back’s,Creole crayfish, and Titira Ackra. Expect to have have your taste buds truly satisfied with it’s scrumptious cuisine.