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Enjoy the Music and splendors of "playin ah mas"

Music in the Eastern Caribbean!

Yes! The Caribbean is known for the world’s most diverse genres of music and music festivals. Let’s begin with the renowned Jazz & Arts Festival in St. Lucia, this event has featured some of the world’s top jazz artistes and R&B musicians. Then we have the very popular World Creole Music Festival of Dominica that showcases sounds of Zouk, Cadence-calypso, and Bouyon among others. AND, not forgetting St. Kitts Music Festival that features a mix of R&B, Soca, Reggae and Hip Hop. Finally, there is the much talked about Blues Festival in Grenada. What say you? Carnival? Well every island has a unique Carnival of their own from Vincy Mas, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jab –Jab in Grenada, Crop over in Barbados to the world re-known Trinidad’s Carnival. Steelpan, soca and calypso! Come hear and experience for yourself. Something for everyone!

Music is the heart beat of the Caribbean!

We Plan … You play

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