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Enjoy the Music and Splendors of "Playin ah Mas"

**Music in the Eastern Caribbean!** Yes! The Caribbean is known for the world’s most diverse genres of music and music festivals. Let’s begin with the renowned Jazz & Arts Festival in St. Lucia. This event has featured some of the world’s top jazz artistes and R&B musicians. Then we have the very popular World Creole Music Festival of Dominica that showcases sounds of Zouk, Cadence-calypso, and Bouyon among others. St. Kitts Music Festival is not tobe forgotten with its a mix of R&B, Soca, Reggae and Hip Hop. Finally, there is the much talked about Blues Festival in Grenada. Carnival? Of course! Every island has a unique Carnival of their own from Vincy Mas, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jab –Jab in Grenada, Crop over in Barbados to the world re-known Trinidad’s Carnival. Steelpan, soca and calypso! Come hear and experience for yourself. Something for everyone! Music is the heart beat of the Caribbean! We Plan … You play