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The Caribbean – A unique experience!

We of the Caribbean are more than just sun and beaches! We offer tasty food, great rum, loads of fun attractions and activities, and we are generally warm people who will share a smile with you. The Caribbean is an archipelago of myriad islands of varied sizes located in the Caribbean Sea in a ‘C’ curve starting south of Florida to the north of Venezuela.

We are sunny and hot (most times), and open for business, year-round. This is where you come to get out of the cold to unwind, relax, and take a peek at how others of a different culture live.

Expect to experience varying levels of hiking through high mountainous volcanic terrain to lower-level hillsides and plateaus.

Swim in our glorious waters bordered with different hues of white sand, pink sand, and glorious sparkling black sand.

The sailing is reportedly the best in the world by renowned sailors who visit our regattas year after year, and the fishing supplies the best seafood found in all of our restaurants. We offer great diving too.

To highlight all of the Caribbean, we will be featuring each island separately over the next few months. We hope that you take this exciting journey with us. There is something for everyone in the Caribbean, on one island or on a multi-island vacation trip to experience it all.

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