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BE AMAZED with our Gifts of Nature

Immerse yourself in natures true gifts and take an adventure you'll never forget! ... Take a trip to an unspoilt exotic island, get outdoors, take a deep breath, and discover. We Plan … You Discover Here are a few ideas: **Hike Boiling Lake** Who knew Dominica, in the Eastern Caribbean, was home to the second largest hot spring in the world? Specifically, the Boiling Lake, a flooded fumarole (a hole in a volcanic area) that stands high up in the island’s Morne Trois Pitons National Park. A rugged 8-mile path to the hot spring begins in the village of Laudat and extends into the Valley of Desolation, a once forested area where steam vents, hot springs, mud pots and sulphur vents now bubble up from the ground. A guide is recommended for the very difficult 7- to 8-hour trek. **Bike Tinker's Trail** Within Anse Mamin, a 600-acre plantation on St. Lucia, is a 12-mile bike trail. David "Tinker" Juarez, a 2-time U.S. Olympic biker, helped design the world-class mountain bike adventure trail, which includes switchbacks and ridges on the way up a 900-foot peak on the island. At the top, celebrate by ringing Tinker's Bell and take in the 360-degree view of St. Lucia’s many mountains. Trails are marked by difficulty and trained instructors are available to help riders of all levels. **Kitesurf in Barbados** Kitesurfers have discovered what wave surfers have long known: Surf’s up in Barbados. Best time to visit is between December and June, when the big breaks coincide with the best winds. The island’s south coast is the main kiting spot; the easterly trade winds guarantee a consistent breeze year-round. At Silver Rock Beach, beginners can get up to speed on the glassy waters inside the island’s barrier reef system, while experienced kiters can catch surf breaks outside the reef. **Eco – Dive in Grenada** In the leeward west coast of Grenada discover the main dive sites Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area (MBMPA). These sites include the National Geographic acclaimed Wonder of the World – the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park where 30 new sculputes have been added; plus neighboring reefs such as Flamingo Bay, Happy Valley, Dragon Bay and Grand Mal. **Whale Watching in St. Vincent** Have you ever seen a whale diving, or a pod of dolphins skimming across azure seas? Now is your chance. It's a magical lifetime experience you will never forget. Come and watch them with us. Several species of whales have been recorded in the waters of St. Vincent & The Grenadines, including humpback whales, sperm whales and pilot whales. The best time to see them is usually between the months of December to April though it is possible to encounter them all year round.