Overview of Island

"The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is located in the southern Caribbean, northeast of the South American country of Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles. It is located between 0° 2' and 11° 12' N latitude and 60° 30' and 61° 56' W longitude. It is said to be about 5,128 sq. kms.

Capital: Port of Spain                

Language:  English, Creole, Caribbean Hindustani (Hindu dialect), Creole French, Creole Spanish

Population:   1,221,047 

Both Trinidad and Tobago were originally settled by Amerindians of South American origin. Trinidad was initially settled by pre agricultural archaic people at least 7,000 years ago making it the earliest settled part of the Caribbean long before Christopher Columbus reached Trinidad in 1498.

Tobago changed hands between Spanish, British, French, Dutch and Courlander colonizers. These European influences are reflected in the names of cities and places throughout the islands. From 1776 the Spanish government encouraged Roman Catholics with land offers and tax incentives  to go to settle in Trinidad.  Most of these settlers were French with their African slaves and they transformed the population, economy and society.  Plantations were established and corn and sugar growth with subsequent trade took roots. In 1797 Britain seized the Island from Spain and a true slave trade and society were founded.  After slavery was abolished Britain then brought in cheap labour in the form of indentured workers from India and this continued until 1917.  Other immigrants came as rescuers off foreign slave ships and thereafter Trinidad became a country comprised of persons from Madeira, China, Syria Lebanon, Venezuela and UK. 

Tobago was united  to Trinidad  by Britain while retaining a subordinate legislature and separate taxes  in 1889 when the sugar trade collapsed.  Following much unrest due to objection to then current rule, constitutional reforms were made that led to some form of self-government.  Confusion persisted and in 1956 the first elected leadership headed by Eric Williams was formed. He is said to have practiced 'pragmatic socialism' which made Trinidad and Tobago the wealthiest Commonwealth Caribbean nation.  Trinidad and Tobago attained independence in 1962 and became a Republic within the Commonwealth in 1976.

The discovery of oil brought prosperity to many individuals and the country as a whole,  and the economy quickly  developed and industrialization and the private sector expanded rapidly. Eric Williams was repeatedly elected until his death in 1981, at a time when the  economy started to decline due to the drop in oil prices, and dislike for the party grew due to wide spread corruption. Successive government permeated this  unsettling trend with the economy sea-sawing,  along with the growing public demands for a  change over  focus on trade.

Unlike many Caribbean Islands Trinidad is not reliant on tourism but has a diversified industrial base including the production of rum, beer, margarine and oils, cigarette, plastics and building materials. Asphalt is a major item of export for The Republic and is used both on Island and internationally. Additionally, its main port plays a vital role on world shipping routes and is a centre of trade within the West Indies. 

On the other hand, Tobago benefited from the growth of tourism and has many commercial buildings.  It highlights its reef system and other historical landmarks in its promotion to develop a sustainable tourist product. 

The  main ethnic diversity of Trinidad and Tobago includes East Indian 35.4%; African descent 34.2%, mixed 15.3%, mixed African/East Indian 7.7%, and other 7.5%."

Things to do

Bird watching at Caroni Swamp

Do the "House of Angostura" tour

Go turtle watching at Grand Riviere

Take a trip "Down de islands"

Visit the Pitch Lake



Where to stay

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How To Get There?
Airports Trinidad: Piarco International Airport (27km/17 miles from Port of Spain) Tobago: ANR Robinson International Airport (10km/7 miles from Scarborough) The national airline is Caribbean Airlines. Flying time - The direct flying time from London, UK to Port of Spain is about 9.5 hours; from New York City, USA is about 4.5 hours; and from Miami, Orlando or Ft Lauderdale in Florida, about 3.5 hours Scheduled flights are operated by Aeropostale, Air Canada Rouge, American Airlines, AVIANCA, Avion, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Condor, Conversa, Copa, JetBlue, LIAT, Martin air (cargo only), Rutaca Airlines, Surinam Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, United Airlines, Venezolana, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet. Others offer charter flights.
Trinidad and Tobago cuisine reflects a fusion of Africa, Creole, Indian-South Asian, Chinese, Amerindian, Arab, European and Latin American-Spanish-Portuguese culture. Tobagonian food is dominated by a wide selection of seafood dishes, most notably, curried crab and dumplings, notwithstanding their provisions, soups and stews, also known as blue food across the country, Dishes are often curried, stewed or barbecued., many times accompanied with various condiments such as pepper sauces, chutneys and pickles, all homemade. Popular desserts are usually very sweet and include paw paw balls, toolum, nut cake, Indian Kheer and many many more.
What is our terrain like?
Most of the soils of Trinidad are fertile, with the exception of the sandy and unstable terrain found in the southern part of the island. Tobago is mountainous and dominated by the Main Ridge, which is 29 ms. long with elevations up to 640 meters.
What is the climate like?
The climate of Trinidad and Tobago is tropical, hot all year round, with little seasonal variation. The maximum temperatures hover between 31 °C and 33 °C (88 °F and 91 °F) from the coolest to the hottest months. September and October are the most sweltering months, and January and February the least hot.
What Are The Entry Requirements?
A valid passport (for all travel) or a Passport Card (for land or sea crossings only) to get back into home. A return airline ticket and/or proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay.
What Are The Marriage Requirements?
Trinidad and Tobago considers marriage to be the union of a man and woman as husband and wife. There are four kinds of marriages recognized in Trinidad and Tobago: Civil Marriage Hindu Marriage Muslim Marriage Orissa Marriage Civil, Muslim and Orissa marriages must be performed by a licensed Marriage Officer. Marriage Officers are ordained ministers of a recognized religious denomination or organization. Civil marriage is the most common form of marriage in Trinidad and Tobago and can be performed by a Marriage Officer, Warden or the Registrar General. All Christian marriages performed in a church are considered civil marriages, provided the presiding minister is a licensed Marriage Officer. Under Civil Marriage law you must be 18 years of age to marry in Trinidad and Tobago, but exemptions may be granted on religious grounds. The minimum age for Muslim marriages is age 12, and the minimum age for Hindu marriages is age 16. For further information, please contact the Registrar General. Couples wanting to get married must first give Notice of Marriage in person at a Civil Registry office. This includes religious marriages. Foreign visitors and others subject to Immigration Control must contact the Registrar General at (868) 624-1660 prior to the marriage ceremony for authorization. Before giving Notice of Marriage you must: Contact the Registrar’s Office to make an appointment to appear in person. Know the venue for your marriage, such as a registrar’s office, church or other location. You need to bring the following documents to your appointment: Permission to marry from Immigration Control (for non-Trinbagonian nationals only). Evidence of identity – such as a National ID Card, Driver’s Permit or Passport. Proof of address – such as a utility bill. At least seven days must have elapsed from the date of giving notice before the marriage can take place. The notice is valid for one year. The cost for a marriage license is TT$62.50. You must also pay an additional TT$25.00 to obtain a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate. (This is subject to change.) When either or both parties to the marriage are not citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, they should contact the Registrar General’s Office before giving Notice of Marriage. Note: Getting married in Trinidad and Tobago or to a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago gives no automatic right to remain or reside in the country.
What Are The Healthcare Options?
Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex St. Clair Medical Centre Cumana Health Centre San Fernando General Hospital Caura Hospital La Romain Health Centre St. Joseph Enhanced Health Centre Scarborough General Hospital Mount Hope Women's Hospital
Other Useful Facts
Water: tap water is heavily chlorinated and tastes better boiled. Currency: the Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TTD) is the national currency. It is not pegged, but floats freely against other currencies. Last value rating against the USD was 6.8 TTD per 1 USD. Banking: List includes: The Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Bank of Baroda T&T Ltd First Citizens Bank Inter-commercial Bank Limited Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT) Republic Bank ATM's can be found in most banks and some shopping centres. Telecommunications: TSTT is the country's largest telephone and internet provider of communications solutions. IT is said to provide excellent international service, good local service, and broadband access
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