St. Vincent and the Grenadines



Overview of Island

St. Vincent's rugged and mountainous terrain which lay across the whole back side of the Island provided protection for many years from those who wished to colonize it and control the indigenous people who named it "Hairoun" or Land of the Blessed, a name still used today. 

Located north west of Grenada and south of St. Lucia. South Caribbean archipelago comprising of the main Island St. Vincent, plus a chain of 32 smaller islands that include star-studded Mustique, Union, Bequia, Canouan, Palm Island, Mayreau, Petit St. Vincent  and many other smaller islets (approx. 600) all of which make up The Grenadines that stretch between St. Vincent and Grenada; as well as  home of the famous Tobago Cays known for its diverse ecosystems of undersea life.

Capital: Kingstown

Language: English 

Population: 110, 000     

 Eventually however, control passed back and forth between the French and the English with ongoing rebellion and  fierce resistance from the Carib Indians until 1783 when it was ceded to the latter in a treaty.  Still the Garifuna Indians (a mix of Western African slaves and Indians, led by Joseph Chattoyer, continued to fight their captors until they were defeated 12 or 13 years later and the survivors were shipped off to Baliceaux (a small island off Bequia)  and to islands in the Gulf of Honduras.  Today there remains a small community of Indians who live on  the eastern coast of St. Vincent in Owia and Sandy Bay.  

Meanwhile plantations producing coffee, indigo, tobacco, cotton and cocoa flourished until full emancipation was declared in the UK. The  African slaves,  indentured servants from E. India and the Portuguese who were brought in to work the lands were abandoned by the British to fend for themselves. Unprepared and untrained to undertake the responsibilities on hand the economy began to falter, and was further destroyed by 2 disastrous volcano eruptions less than 100 years apart.  After much struggle and strife the Island gained full independence in Oct. 1979.   Today an international airport has been  built with the promise to  improve the budding tourism trade.

Almost 42 years to the day La Soufriere erupted again resulting in great destruction to the north and eastern coastal lying areas, including all of the agricultural farmlands.  Approximately 20,000 persons had to be evacuated, but fortunately there was no loss of life.  One again the Island finds itself in a state of recovery and reconstruction.  

Things to do

Scuba-Diving & Snorkeling

Critter diving Capital of the Caribbean

Golden, black and white sand beaches throughout

Sailing in the Grenadines and Tobago Keys

Botanical Gardens (oldest in western region)

Where to stay

Blue Lagoon Hotel and Marina

Blue Lagoon Hotel and Marina is nestled in Blue Lagoon Bay; a sheltered sanctuary on the south-east side of mainland St. Vincent.

Sunset Shores Beach Hotel

Far away from crowds and located right on the beach, Sunset Shores Beach Hotel is the perfect place for you to escape and relax on the beautiful mainland of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.


Welcome to Beachcombers Hotel! Our duty is to you, our guest. We aspire to make your journey over to the beautiful island of St. Vincent & the Grenadines very pleasant.

The Grenadine House

Set in residential Kingstown Park, overlooking the city towards the Grenadine Islands. Grenadine House offers elegant comfort to the discerning traveler in its 18 well appointed guest rooms.

Bequia Beach Hotel

Welcome to Bequia Beach Hotel. Stay, relax and enjoy the true Caribbean.

Young Island Resort

The allure of a private, romantic Caribbean island is a story for the young at heart. Become a part of the story and let this beautiful island become a part of yours.

Paradise Beach Hotel

A warm welcome to Paradise in Saint Vincent.

Grand View Hotel

Comfort, relaxation, tradition!

Gingerbread Hotel

Come to Gingerbread House for the views, the ambience and the sunsets.


How To Get There?
St. Vincent and the Grenadines has an international airport (Argyle International Airport - AIA). Major airlines from USA Canada and UK fly directly to AIA on weekly schedules in season. If these are not convenient or available to you, most international airlines fly into Barbados and St. Lucia from where flights with regional airlines Caribbean Airlines, InterCaribbean Airlines and LIAT will transfer you to AIA, a mere 20 minutes flight.
SVG's cuisine is packed with sunshine, fun and lots of flavour. From breadfruit to mahi-mahi , dumplings and fried plantain. Roast breadfruit and fried jackfish is one of the most popular dishes, a must try, not forgetting the classic buljol, a type of salad made from saltfish. Conch and lobster are also favourites when in season.
What is the terrain like?
Vincent (volcanic in origin) has a rugged mountainous terrain covered by lush forests with very little level ground. Located in northern St. Vincent is the country's highest peak, Mt. Soufrière at 1234 mtrs. (4,048 ft.). image/country's/numerical/caribb/stvincentandthegrenadines/vcland.htm
What is the climate like?
In Saint Vincent and the Grenadines the climate is tropical, with a relatively cool, dry season from January to mid-April. Rainy season is May - October petering off into December when it could be somewhat hot and humid especially in August. Rain falls more frequently in the mountains. Annual average rainfall is 380 cm (150 inches) inland and 200 cm (80 inches) on the coast. Average yearly temperature 27 degrees C/81 degree F).
What Are The Entry Requirements?
Basic requirements: A valid passport for entry A return airline ticket and/or proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay. Countries requiring a visa include: Dominican Republic Jordan Syria Iran Iraq Lebanon China Nigeria Applicants must apply to the Ministry of National Security in St. Vincent.
What Are The Marriage Requirements?
An application for a Marriage License CANNOT be obtained in advance by mail. - Licenses must be applied for in person at the Kingstown Court House. - Allow at least three days to obtain the marriage license. - There is a one day residency requirement. - Birth certificates or passports are required. - Proof of divorce or the death certificate of a deceased spouse must be presented, if applicable. - A Governor General’s license can be obtained through the Ministry of Tourism, Aviation, Culture and Women’s Affairs - An ordinary license can be obtained through the Registrar. The cost will be approximately $185.00. For more information, contact the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Tel: 784-457-1502.
What Are The Healthcare Options?
The Milton Cato Memorial Hospital is the main hospital that offers all medical services including emergency care, located in Kingstown, capital. Another smaller facility with limited services requiring transfer to Kingstown is located in Georgetown. Health Clinics are found throughout the Island. Private medical clinics include: Integrated Medical Care Arnos Vale Medical Center Health Solutions Inc that offers dialysis plus laboratory and radiology services. There are many pharmacies and private outpatient draw site laboratories.
Other Useful Facts
Water: safe to drink on mainland St. Vincent. On other Islands water comes from rain collection, wells or desalination plants so taste and quality vary. Bottled water is available throughout for purchase. Currency: official currency used is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$). Fixed exchange rate linked to the US$ is $EC$2.68. US$!. Rates with other international currencies is variable. Credit Card: many hotels and restaurants accept credit cards, whereas others operate on a cash basis. Banks: Commercial banks include: Bank of St. Vincent, Republic Bank, CIBCFCIB, plus other national banks. ATMS can be found in most of the larger supermarkets and the banks themselves, and dispense only EC$. Electricity: All the islands us the 2 pin US system and have 110V with 60 Hz cycle. Some hotels may have also 220/240V 50Hz systems that require the 3 pin system. It is still advised to walk with a portable adaptor and transformer/converter. Telecommunication: Two providers operate on the Island namely FLOW and DIGICEL. Wi-Fi service is found in all hotels as well as in most accommodations.
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