St Kitts and Nevie



Overview of Island

St. Kitts & Nevis are a two-island country and the smallest state in the Leeward Islands located north of Antigua and about one-third of the way from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Tobago. Their combined area is 104 sq. miles. 23 miles long and 5 miles wide.


Nevis is surrounded by coral reefs and lies 2 miles (3+ km) southeast of St. Kitts across a channel known as The Narrows.

Originally named “Liamuiga” (fertile land) by the Caribs who inhabited the islands until the early 1600’s.   

Capital: Basseterre                      Language: English

Population:    42,696 (2000)

The Ciboney Indians were the first to inhabit the island  as early as 3000 years ago.  They were followed by the Arawak or Taino in 800 AD, then the Caribs who had expanded the settlement north of the Island by the time the Spanish arrived.  

Christopher Columbus first spotted St. Kitts in 1493,  as well as Nevis. The latter's name was derived from the description of the clouds atop Nevis Peak  "the snows" and St. Kitts was shortened from Saint Christopher.

It was settled by The English in 1628 and its strategic location and valuable sugar trade led to an advanced and luxurious development that was among the best in the colonial Caribbean.

France and Britain raged war over its colonization until 1713 when France ceded control to Britain by th Treaty of Utrecht and again in 1783 by the Peace of Paris treaty after the French captured Brimstone Hill.  

The Islands were officially united by federal act in 1882 and became an independent state in association with the United Kingdom in 1967 with full internal self-government. Anguilla complained of dominance by St. Kitts and in July 1971 the Island was placed directly under the control of Britain formerly severing its ties with St. Kitts and Nevis in 1980. These 2 became independent  in 1983.

A drop in world sugar prices through the mid 1980's  that grossly affected the economy forced the country to divert its interests and focused their attention on tourism and  the hosting of offshore financial services industry.  The nationalized  sugar industry was finally closed in 2005.   

The people of St. Kitts and Nevis are largely black with a smaller population of mixed African and white minority (Mulatto). There are  also small groups of South Asian and white persons. About 2/3 of the population live in rural areas. 

Things to do

Where to stay

Ottley’s Plantation Inn - closed for renovations

Montpelier Plantation & Beach

Montpelier Plantation & Beach is a Nevis hotel in a unique location. Pure laid back chic, where history meets luxury! Montpelier Live Fully!

Timothy Beach Resort

Timothy Beach Resort & Hotel - Friendly / Affordable /Just Right!

The Mount Nevis Hotel

Welcome to the Mount Nevis Hotel, an elegant and intimate island resort that truly stirs the soul.

St. Christopher Club

Sugar Bay Club Suites & Hotel

Sugar Bay Club Suites & Hotel


How To Get There?
Each Island has an international airport; Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport on St. Kitts, and Vane Amory International Airport on Nevis. From the USA: the main airlines fly to San Juan, Antigua or St Maarten, including Continental or American. LIAT and Winair then connect with St Kitts and Nevis. Delta operates a limited number of direct flights from Atlanta to St Kitt and American flies from Miami to St Kitts.
THe National dish of St. and Nevis is stewed salt fish, spicy plantains and and coconut dumplings and seasoned breadfruit and johnny cake Seafood is another speciality especialy lobster, to be found in some form on practically eery menu. Goat water stew, perhaps the country's most well-known dish, mixes goat, breadfruit, green pawpaw (papaya), and dumplings (also known as "droppers") in a tomato-based stew. Do not forget the colouful tropical fruit all of which can be found on the roadside or in any restaurant.
What is our terrain like?
Its terrain is volcanic in nature, with tropical rainforest on large peaks, plus numerous rivers and a small salt pond. Mountainous of volcanic origin, sheltered beaches. Nevis is made up primarily of clay studded with volcanic boulders. world/saint_kitts_nevis.htm
What is the climate like?
St. Kitts and Nevis lie in a tropical belt, tempered by constant sea breezes; little seasonal temperature variation; rainy season (May to November) but rainfall is usually short downpours referred to as 'liquid sunshine'. world/saint_kitts_nevis.htm
What Are The Entry Requirements?
As of May 29, 2021 only fully vaccinated persons and a negative nasopharyngeal RT-PCR test will be allowed entry into St. Kitts and Nevis. Documents required: A valid passport A return airline ticket and/or proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay. A completed entry form ( must be submitted for review and approval (approx. 48 hours) from the Government. Accommodation/hotel reservation must accompany the form noted above along with a scanned image of the front and back of vaccination card, and proposed date of arrival. This letter must be presented to the gate agent before boarding the plane. for more information see:
What Are The Marriage Requirements?
Requirements are simple: - Either party must be on the Island for at least 2 days prior to the wedding date. - It takes two days to get a marriage license from the Legal Department - Application form needs to be filled out in front of a Justice of Peace - A birth certificate or passport must be presented - Also an affidavit confirming their single status if neither party has been married - If either party was widowed or divorced they would need a death certificate or Decee Absolut. - I couple is choosing a Catholic ceremnony they would need a letter from their home priet stating that they are known and are unmarried. - License cost $80, payable in stamps bought from the Post Office in Charlestown. For more details and updated information see If either party was previously married, proof of divorce or the death certificate of a deceased spouse is required. The license costs $80.00, and no blood tests are required. If a religious ceremony is to be performed with a priest of any denomination, the couple must present a letter from their priest at home stating that the couple is known to the priest and that the couple is known to be unmarried. For more information, contact the St. Kitts/Nevis Department of Tourism.
What Are The Healthcare Options?
Hospitals in St. Kitts and Nevis: - Alexandra Hospital - 52 bed recently reconstructed facility in Nevis offers a wide range of services including Accident/Emergency/Outpatient and Radiology Departments, as well as Laparoscopic Diagnostics and Surgical services. - The Joseph N France General Hospital is the largest hospital in the Federation and offers surgery, emergency, radiology and other services; also functions as a teaching institution for medical and nursing students. - New Town Dental Clinic in Basseterre
Other Useful Facts
Water: tap water is safe to drink Currency: the EC$ with a fixed rate of exchange o the US$ (US$1 to EC$2.70). Most places on the Island accept both US and EC dollars. Banking: several banks are available: CIBCFCIB; Scotiabank; Republic Bank; National Bank of St.Kitts and Nevis; Royal Bank of Canada; Bank of Nevis Ltd; and TDC Financial Services Company Ltd. ATM machines are found in all banks. Credit Cards: almost all businesses accept Mastercard and Visa. American Express is only accepted at larger establishments. Electricity: standard voltage is 230 V with frequency cycle of 60 Hz. Check country listing to determine need for power plug adapter or voltage converter - Telecommunication: 3 companies, LIME, DIGICEL and CHIPPIE Available for purchase before departure internationally is OneSimCard to enjoy wireless freedom Cell phone rental is also an option for many Industry: light, mainly for export from imported materials that include electronic equipment, batik-dyed fabrics, and other clothing and furniture
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