Overview of Island

Grenada is a tristate country that includes Carriacou, Petite Martinique, plus many smaller nearby islands all governed by Grenada, (pronounced Gre-nay-da) the main Island and capital.  Its nickname, ‘Spice Island’ is derived from that mixed spicy aroma that emanates from the very many nutmeg estates, where also can be found other spices such as cinnamon and clove. 

Capital: Saint George's

Language: English, English Creole, and French Creole

Population: 111,454

Already inhabited first by the Arawaks then the Caribs, Columbus anchored in 1498, followed by other Spanish sailors who subsequently renamed the Island Granada (from Columbus' Concepcion') due to its lush green forests. The name was changed by the French and again by the British resulting in the present name of Grenada (Gre-nay-da). The Caribs resisted colonization for approximately 150 years leaping to their death over a cliff rather than submitting to the French. The British finally won control from the French in 1783 under the Treaty of Versailles.

The very profitable sugar plantation trade cultivated by the British and worked by imported African slaves was threatened by Julian Fedon, a black planter, who instigated a slave rebellion that regained control of the Island in 1795, but was eventually retaken by the British until slavery was abolished in 1834. Grenada finally became independent in 1974. Alas that was not the end of their troubles as in 1983 a coalition of American and Eastern Caribbean States’ forged a military intervention as a 'rescue mission' to end a 3 year coup attempt to make the Island a socialist/communist state.

In spite of very damaging hurricanes and some unstable governing over the years since then, Grenada has continued to develop overall under its re-established democratic order, focusing on its vibrant tourism trade which today serves it well.

Things to do

Famous beaches incl. mile long Grand Anse Beach

Grenada Spice Jazz Festival

Rum, cocoa and spices

Renowned Snorkeling and Diving

Jab-Jab (Carnival)

Sulphur springs, nature trails and waterfalls

Where to stay

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Coyaba Beach Resort

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Kalinago Beach Resort

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How To Get There?
Grenada's international airport is called Maurice Bishop International Airport located on Point Salines at the most southwestern point of the Island. Many international airlines fly into Grenada and includes: JetBlue Airways operates a daily non-stop service from JFK, New York. American Airlines operates a daily non-stop service from Miami. Delta Air Lines operates a weekly non-stop service from Atlanta Caribbean Airlines: Toronto connecting through Trinidad British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer twice-weekly direct flights from London, Gatwick Airport. Air Canada Vacations operates a twice-weekly non-stop service from Toronto to Grenada. Condor operates a non-stop weekly flight from Frankfurt Germany to Grenada in the Winter season. Schedules are subject change from time to time. Cruise: A modern purpose built terminal located close to the St. George’s Harbour caters for several cruise lines. If you would like to visit our sister island, Carriacou, the SVG Air provides daily flights to and from Carriacou's Lauriston Airport. Sailing: there area a variety of marinas where you can clerk immigration and customs as well as dock and purchase supplies. Regional: LIAT provides flights into Grenada from most Caribbean islands along with connections to international flights from Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad. Caribbean Airlines offers flights between Grenada and Trinidad and many other Caribbean islands. SVG Air provides daily flights to and from Carriacou’s Lauriston Airport and to St.Vincent and the Grenadines.
National dish is "oil down", a robust one pot meal with salted meat, breadfruit, callaloo stewed in coconut milk with herbs and spices for flavour covered with dasheen leaves. Variations include dasheen, green banana and sometimes dumpling. Best enjoyed on the steps outside or down by the river or beach.
What is our terrain like?
Grenada is the most mountainous of the three main islands. The highest point on the islands is Mount St. Catherine , 2,757-ft., while Mount Granby, Mount Lebanon and Mount Sinai each rise more than 2,000 feet above sea level. Carriacou has a similar mountainous terrain with slopes running down to the coasts. Grenada is very hilly and of volcanic origin as seen by its rich soil, with several small rivers and waterfalls that flow into the sea down the sides of the mountains. The coastline contains several bays and inlets depicted along its southern coast by many thin peninsulas.
What is the climate like?
The island of Grenada has a wet tropical climate with average annual temperatures of 28°C with a cool breeze. The climate is often tempered by trade north-east winds. There are two seasons that characterize the climate of the island, the humid and hot rainy season between June and December and the dry season between January and May.
What Are The Entry Requirements?
Basic requirements All visitors must have a valid passport for entry. A return airline ticket If staying longer than stated on return ticket, a visa would be required, and/or proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay.
What Are The Marriage Requirements?
It will take three days to obtain a wedding license in Grenada and requires: - The presentation of valid passports and birth certificates of both parties. - A deed poll is also required if either party has had a name change. - Proof of divorce or a death certificate is required if either party is divorced or was formerly married to a now-deceased spouse. - Proof of single status must be presented- i.e.. a letter from an attorney stating that both parties have the right to wed. - If either party is under the age of 21, written parental consent is required - No blood tests are required. - The license will cost $167.00 plus an additional $15.00.fees . All documents must be written in or translated into English.
What Are The Healthcare Options?
Hospitals include: The General Hospital located in the capital city of St. George. The Princess Alice Hospital located in the northern parish of St. Andrew, and The Princess Royal Hospital located on Carriacou. There are also private clinics and doctors throughout the islands and includes: St. Augustine's Medical Services (18 beds) that offer medical, surgical, emergency and maternity admissions. Marryshow's Hospital and Health Clinic that offers a full range of treatment options. CHS - Carriacou Health Services that provides many services including basic surgery.
Other Useful Facts
Water: bottled water is available for purchase, but tap water is very safe to drink Currency: hotels and car rental companies accept the major credit cards. Travellers cheques are accepted throughout the island. Electricity: The voltage on island is 220 volts – 50 cycles. Appliances rated at 110 volts (US Standard) normally work with a transformer. Most hotels provide dual voltage shaver units, but an adaptor plug is necessary for small appliances. Telecommunication: International calls can be made from most hotel rooms, but it is advised that you check with front desk first. Mobile services are available from the current local network providers; LIME and DIGICEL. There are also coin phones for local calls and card phones for both local and overseas calling.
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