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St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Flag   grenadinesLocated northwest of Grenada and south of St. Lucia sits a hidden gem; an archaepegalo comprising of the main island St. Vincent, plus a chain of 32 smaller islands. These include star-studded Mustique, Union Island, Bequia, Canouan, Palm Island, Mayreau, Petit St. Vincent and many other smaller islets (approx. 600).

All of which make up The Grenadines that stretch between St. Vincent and Grenada. It is also the home of the famous Tobago Cays known for its diverse ecosystems of undersea life. notwithstanding being the site of the famous Disney's hit movie 'Pirates of The Caribbean".


First named "hairoun“ (Land of The Blessed) by Amerindian adventurers traveling north along the Lesser Antilles, it was then called Carib Island by the first French settlers before being ceded to the British in a Treaty in 1783. Following a defeated rebellion led by Chatoyer in 1795/96, the remaining Garifuna (West African slaves mixed with Amerindians) were exiled to Baliceaux, an island off Bequia, and others to the islands of the Gulf of Honduras. More slaves, followed by Portuguese and East Indian laborers cultivated the sugarcane, cocoa, cotton plantations until 1838 when Britain declared full abolishment of slavery.

The abandonment of the estates following emancipation, plus 2 eruptions of La Soufriere left the Island devastated. After much strife and struggle St. Vincent & The Grenadines gained full independence in Oct. 1979 and has since developed as the unknown gem of the Caribbean.

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Things to do



  • Scuba-Diving & Snorkeling - "Critter diving Capital of the Caribbean
  • Golden, black and white sand beaches throughout
  • Sailing  in the Grenadines and Tobago Keys
  • Botanical Gardens (oldest in western region)



A valid passport and return or onward ticket is required for all visitors. However, proof of citizenship bearing a photograph is acceptable from British, Canadian and US citizens. A visa is not required from citizens of the US, Canada, UK, British Commonwealth, most Caribbean countries, most European countries, South Korea, and Japan.