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Flag   GrenadaA tri-state that includes Carriacou, Petite Martinique, plus many smaller nearby islands all governed by Grenada, (pronounced Gre-nay-da) the main Island and capital. Its nickname, ‘Spice Island’ is derived from that mixed spicy aroma that emanates from the very many nutmeg estates, where other spices such as cinnamon and clove can also be found.

The state is known for its beautiful mile long white sand Grand Anse beach, its many 'hidden' waterfalls, mountain trails from one side of the island to another, and its renowned Underwater Sculpture Park, the world's first such attraction.


Originally inhabited first by the Arawaks then the Caribs, Columbus anchored in 1498, followed by other Spanish sailors who subsequently renamed the Island Granada (from Columbus' Concepcion') due to its lush green forests. The name was changed by the French and again by the British resulting in the present name of Grenada (Gre-nay-da).

The Caribs resisted colonization for approx. 150 years leaping to their death over Lepers’ cliff (named for this event) rather than submitting to the French. The British finally won control from the French in 1783 under the Treaty of Versailles.

The very profitable sugar plantation trade cultivated by the British and worked by imported African slaves was threatened by Julian Fedon, a black planter, who instigated a slave rebellion that regained control of the Island in 1795, but was eventually retaken by the British until slavery was abolished in 1834. Grenada finally became independent in 1974.

Alas that was not the end of their troubles as in 1983 a coalition of American and the Easter Caribbean States forged a military intervention as a 'rescue mission' to end a 3-year coup attempt to make the Island a socialist/communist state.

Despite very damaging hurricanes and some unstable governing over the years, Grenada has since developed overall under its re-established democratic order, focusing on its vibrant tourism trade which today serves it well.

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Things to do



  • Famous beaches incl. mile long Grand Anse Beach
  • Grenada Spice Jazz Festival  
  • Rum, cocoa and spices
  • Renowned Snorkeling and Diving
  • Jab-Jab (Carnival)
  • Sulphur springs, nature trails and waterfalls



A passport valid for six months from the date of departure is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above wishing to visit Grenada.