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Few things in life are better than a tropical island vacation. Wide open beaches with warm sunshine, tropical fruits (and cocktails), lounging in a hammock all day. 

The Caribbean is definitely synonymous with rest and relaxation. Thanks to the recent influx of celebrities, some destinations are definitely more popular than others. Sensing the imbalance, we’ve put together a list of amazing less popular gems that are just as spectacular. From sailing excursions to kite surfing to just pure island vibes, here are the islands you should definitely be in the loop about.


With beaches that go on for miles, Anguilla is the ideal spot for a quiet sun, sand and sea retreat. The island exudes a feeling a quiet luxury- partially because it is harder to get to than other islands. There are no direct flights from the US mainland, so visitors must either fly to St. Martin and take a short ferry to Anguilla or fly via seaplane from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Definitely perfect for a family getaway or a reclusive romantic trip. Even more private is Sandy Island- a spit of sand in the midst of their clear turquoise waters known for its sizzling fresh off the grill food and delightful rum punches.


The smaller of an island duo, Nevis (part and parcel of St. Kitts and Nevis) is an unspoiled paradise with friendly people, lush rainforests and deep blue waters. It is perfect for couples wanting a bit of seclusion. Another key attraction is their 18 hole golf course at Four Seasons Resort Nevis with wonderful island-inspired rooms, delicious restaurants and tons of on-site amenities.


Known as ‘the spice isle,’ (fittingly so, as they are one of the world’s largest producers of nutmeg), Grenada is both rich in flavor and adventure which makes it the perfect destination for trying new flavor combinations as well tropical and eco-adventure. Although their arguably most famous attraction is the underwater sculpture (which you should definitely experience) other things to do on your trip include; exploring the tropical rainforests, diving in their glorious waterfalls, relaxing in the healing hot springs, river tubing (photographed), swimming with the turtles, underwater yoga (YUP! It’s a thing!), or just hitting up the beach for some good old rest and relaxation. What we’re trying to say is Grenada should definitely be added to and checked off of your ‘to-do-list.’


The sister island of Trinidad, Tobago is quite the vacation destination. Pigeon point beach (photographed) is truly spectacular and the ideal wedding ceremony backdrop. One of their big attractions is taking the glass bottom boat (the bottom is actually glass and allows you to see the coral reefs as u ride) into the middle of the ocean to an area called the nylon pool. The nylon pool is an area of shallow water where you can easily stand in the middle of the ocean. The sand in the nylon pool has mythical properties of beauty and romance.

Palm Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

A remote, all-inclusive getaway, Palm Island is one of the many gems that make up the Grenadines. This 135-acre private island that pictures can do no justice, is surrounded by crisp turquoise waters and caters to discerning travelers looking for an unspoiled retreat. Quiet and beautiful, this is a stunning natural gift of an island is the ultimate paradise and definitely the Caribbean you’re looking for.