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Grenada; the place to be in April

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Grenada, known affectionately by its regional counterparts as the “spice isle” because of their high production of nutmeg and other aromatic spices, is spicing up the month of April in a completely different way.

Here’s a calendar of events that you cannot miss this month.

Pure Grenada Music Festival

April 13-15, 2018

Pure Grenada Music Festival

If you’ve never heard of Pure Grenada, a music festival with a sharply local focus, you definitely should not miss it this year. Hosting international artistes like; Joss Stone, Estelle, Benineseits, Tarrus Riley and blend of local performances, the festival has developed quite the roster in terms of performances since its inception, a short two years ago.

Grenada Invitational

April 21, 2018

Pure Grenada Music Festiva 001l

Inspired by the country’s first Olympic gold medalist, Kirani James, Grenada has added a world-class track meet to its yearly calendar. It’s inaugural meet in 2017 attracted near 10,000 spectators making it a smashing success. Races featured world-renowned track stars such as Asafa Powell and Justin Gatlin.

Carriacou Maroon and string band music festival

April 29, 2018

Pure Grenada Music Festiva 002

Carriacou is an island off the course of Grenada with its own distinct culture and traditions. Carriacou Maroon and string band music festival was inspired by a desire to highlight its well-preserved maroon heritage and culture. The event occurs over a three day period at Belair heritage Park, Paradise Beach, and downtown Hillsborough. String bands, quadrille dance groups and local smoked foods are also on the itinerary.

Uncorked wine and beer festival

April 29, 2018

Pure Grenada Music Festiva 003

Want to become a pro at wine and food pairings and learn how to correctly store beer? This is the festival for you. Great drinks, tasty local food and live music are on the menu. Bring along a friend and a cosy blanket to enjoy the musical delights in absolute comfort. Where? “lying on the grass in the open air”.

Grenada chocolate fest

May 11-19, 2018

Pure Grenada Music Festiva 004

The fun in Grenada does not stop just yet. As one of the Caribbean’s cocoa capitals, Grenada has dedicated a festival to displaying one of its sweetest exports. If you’re thinking it’s just a chocolate tasting festival, think again. On the menu is chocolate yoga, chocolate massages and even chocolate sunset baths.

Images compliments of the Grenada Tourism Authority -