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4 things to do in Anguilla other than lounge on the beach

Anguilla Things to do

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With pristine blue waters and wide golden sand, Anguilla may very well have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Most of your trip will be spent soaking up the sun and eating delicious five-star cuisine (there is no flaw in this plan) but since Anguilla is so rich in history, we’ve made a short list of things that you can do when you’re not beach-bumming.

Discover The Old Valley

Take in some of the rich history of the island by wandering around the remaining colonial buildings in the island’s capital at The Valley. The architecture will make for both a beautiful dose of culture, and naturally, a photo-op.

Discover The pumphouse

A double-whammy, the Pumphouse is both the go-to place for live music and night-life and a rich piece of Anguillan history. The Pumphouse is in a historical building which was once a mill for refining the salt from the Road Bay Salt Pond. Dine in front of the salt pond while the moonlight reflects on the water and a live band strums in the background.

Discover Wallblake House

Built in 1787 (whoa) by Will Blake, the Wallblake house is the oldest existing building on the island. Wallblake house was destroyed by the French in the 1790s but subsequently rebuilt by the British. Today, it stands fully restored, with its kitchen complex, stables and slave quarters intact. A church in the vicinity contains a stone fascia with open-air side walls and a ceiling, which is the form of a hull of a ship.

Discover Heritage Collection

Curated by Colville Petty OBE; a curator of Anguillan history, who has written books and has a fine collection of artifacts. This museum leaves no aspect of Anguillan history unturned. From geology to Arawak settlement to the sugar industry, a visit here gives unmatched insight into the island’s history.